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in5d Singles is proud to announce that we will be extending the Free Premium Lifetime Membership promotion through the end of the month, ending at midnight on February 29, 2012. Already, there are a ton of amazing profiles of like-minded co-creators with incredible profiles reflecting their spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric interests.  It’s refreshing to see such a candid display of sincere, loving people congregating in one place!

While a regular membership still gives you the opportunity to create a profile, search for like-minded people, write blogs and bios,  and receive/send emails to members, all upgraded memberships include the ability to embed videos on your profile, SMS text messaging to notify you of emails (U.S. citizens only for now), real time private messaging, the ability to add audio greetings to your profile and Skype integration.  In the near future, we’ll also be adding a live chat forum.

What makes in5d Singles unique from other dating websites?
With other dating websites, many of the people you’re meeting are unawakened and will look at you as if you had 3 eyes and 7 chins if you talk about anything spiritual, metaphysical or esoteric on your profile. On in5d Singles, we encourage it! Plus, on our website, literally every member is a like-minded, co-creating soul.

Why is in5d Singles offering a free lifetime Premium Membership through February 29, 2012?
This is our way of saying “Thanks!” for following in5d. Your lifetime Premium Membership will last as long as you keep your account active. Accounts may be terminated after 6 months of inactivity, so be sure to sign in often…and tell your friends!

Dedicated To Bringing Like-Minded Souls Together
It is no coincidence that your spiritual path has led you here. It’s hard enough to find like-minded people but in5d Singles will make that task much easier for you! Our parent website, , has brought millions of like-minded people together and has taken that one step further with With in5d, you are never alone. Upon signing up for a FREE membership, you’ll meet like-minded singles just like YOU! Sign up now for FREE!


How do I know if my profile has been upgraded?

Please allow up to 24 hours for the upgrade. I manually have to approve all profiles to avoid spammers and I also manually approve all upgrades, so this takes a little time. Most profiles are upgraded within hours (and some within minutes) of becoming a member.

Your status can be viewed when you click on “MY ACCOUNTS”.

My picture is too large and I can’t upload it to my profile.

Your picture might be too large.  Try resizing it with a free online photo cropper like this one:

How do I access my Bio and Blogs?

Click on “MY MEDIA” then click on either “Blogs” or “Bios & Essays”.

My city isn’t shown when I register for a profile.

I’m working with the software developers on this. Perhaps, we’ll have a “fill in the blank” option or will be able to have our city listed by zip code. As for now, just put in the nearest city and know that we are working on it 🙂

What am I waiting for?

I don’t know? Sign up now! ❤

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